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  • It’s great experience in learning this article.

  • Hi all, I am working on an art program that is integrated with wayfinding as part of planning for a new hospital. Apart from the Best Practice article here (2017) does anyone have suggestions for other articles? I have also looked at the studies done by St. Olav’s in Norway but that is quite broad in approach. My interest is in very large scale…[Read more]

  • To all Geriatric-ED members, visit for more on providing optimal care to older adults in the ED.

  • first day on hoping to enjoy the learning experience,thanks

  • A few questions about the Geriatric Nursing role in the ER: (1) Does your geriatric nurse have a specific role in medication reconciliation? (2) What sort of tool (such as ISAR) are you using at triage in your ER to identify seniors at risk?

    The issue I have with ISAR is that there are no questions in the tool relating to falls/mobility. The 4…[Read more]

  • Hi I ama GEM nurse in Iceland

  • “Unplanned Readmission prevention by Geriatric Emergency Network for Transitional care (URGENT): protocol of a prospective single centre quasi-experimental study” is out:

    Results will be available in 2019.

  • I am new to this community. An emergency physician in Saskatchewan, I have recently enrolled in Saskatchewan’s clinical Quality Improvement Program (cQIP) (

    My project will involve creating a senior friendly emergency department locally at my regional hospital. My project needs to be small…[Read more]

  • I appreciated meeting with the GED collaborative members at the ENA conference in St. Louis and am working on a proposal for our ED to improve the care we deliver. I look forward to learning more as the collaborative grows.

  • It was a privilege meeting Don and so many others involved in the GED Collaborative. The passion and compassion for what we do in promoting GEM is front and center and humbled to be part of this movement. After 30 years in EM wearing many different hats, this has invigorated this next phase of my career. Thanks to all!

    • Thanks Luis — I hope you can contribute some of your innovations at your site, for example a description of the Geriatric APN role — so that others could learn from it. Click on “Share Your Example of Change”.

  • Welcome to You’re among the first to see this new website which, we hope, will help you make some senior-friendly change at your site. We encourage you to make it as interactive as possible — post comments and questions; share your success stories (do you have something that works well at your site?); add a link to a cool ide…[Read more]


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