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10 Tips on Implementing a Consistent Screening and Assessment Approach for Geriatric Care

Implementing consistent screening and assessment requires careful planning, resource allocation, and modification of existing work practices to achieve its intended benefits. Before you consider how ...Read More

The interRAI ED Assessment System

Numerous studies have shown that emergency departments (EDs) are less effective in dealing with the complex needs of vulnerable older people. This is due, at least in part, to the failure to provide ...Read More

Geriatric Emergency Medicine Guidelines: rationale

Geriatric Emergency Medicine Guidelines After two years of consensus-based work, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM), the American ...Read More

Top 10 articles on the Geriatric Emergency Department

In Emergency Departments, we tend to follow the evidence to make practice change. However when creating a geriatric ED, the evidence sometimes is lacking:  adopting or adapting “best practices&...Read More

Profile of a Physiotherapist

Maegan Bell, a trained physiotherapist, joined Mount Sinai Hospital team in 2012. The Acute Care for Elderly strategies was already implemented, which also involved the project of the Geriatric Emerg...Read More

A CEO’s Story

On December 6th, I met Joseph Mapa, former CEO of the Sinai Health System. He was at the head of this hospital when the Senior-Friendly Emergency Department story started. I was initially planning to...Read More

Profile of a GEM Nurse

Nana Asomaning has been working at Mount Sinai emergency department for the last 7 years. She was the second GEM nurse at in the Sinai ED. She is an important part of the evolution of Mount Sinai Sen...Read More

Profile of an Occupational Therapist

Seema Zerafa got involved with the Senior-Friendly ED initiative at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto when it was decided that a physiotherapist specialized in geriatric care was needed in the ED. Beca...Read More

Profile of a Social Worker

The first time Rebecca Detje heard about geriatric emergency medicine was when she was working in the in-patient unit. She started receiving patients from the ED with incredible GEM nurse notes. “Tho...Read More

Screening Tools for High-Risk Older Adults: Which To Choose?

Part of the role of the emergency department is risk stratification. Like for acute coronary syndrome, TIA, pulmonary embolism, frail older adults can be screened in the ED. Not only they can be scre...Read More

Screening Tools for Delirium, Dementia and Functional Decline

A number of tools can be added to the ED work flow to better identify older patients with important conditions that will make a difference to their care in the ED, their care if admitted, and appropr...Read More

Starting Senior-Friendly Change

How did this idea of a senior-friendly emergency department get started? DON: An awareness that older patients are part of the core business of EDs – the three main groups that MDs/hospitals have alw...Read More