Author: Audrey-Anne Brousseau

Policies, Procedures and Protocols

To read more about or view the complete Geriatric Emergency Department Guidelines please visit: In order to facilitate elderly care in the Emergency department,...Read More

Quality Improvement Strategies for the Senior-Friendly ED

Implementing new ideas, protocols, and tools is great. And if every member of the team is on board 100% of the time, it is even better. But the reality is not so always so rosy:  that is why a qualit...Read More

Staffing the Senior-Friendly ED

Staffing a senior-friendly ED means, in fact, building an interdisciplinary team. The guidelines state “The geriatric ED Staff and administration provides a multi-disciplinary team of care prov...Read More

Equipment and Supplies in the Senior-Friendly ED

A senior-friendly emergency department may not look much different from any other ED. It is certainly true that the core of a senior-friendly ED is the people and processes. However, there are a few ...Read More

Education in the Senior-Friendly ED

“The success of the Geriatric ED programs rests largely on the education of a multi-disciplinary staff directed toward the needs of the geriatric population.” What Should it Include? An e...Read More