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The Basics

Not sure what to do to make your emergency department more senior friendly? Below are the very basics that you need to know. We hope that these articles can help you find a starting point for your senior-friendly initiatives.

10 Tips on Implementing a Consistent Screening and Assessment Approach for Geriatric Care

Implementing consistent screening and assessment requires careful planning, resource allocation, and modification of existing work practices to achieve its intended benefits. Before you consider how ...Read More

Geriatric Emergency Medicine Guidelines: rationale

Geriatric Emergency Medicine Guidelines After two years of consensus-based work, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM), the American ...Read More

Quality Improvement Metrics

Here are some outcome measures you might want to consider in tracking your quality improvement activities relating to senior-friendly care. The ED should track metrics for structures, processes, and ...Read More

Starting Senior-Friendly Change

How did this idea of a senior-friendly emergency department get started? DON: An awareness that older patients are part of the core business of EDs – the three main groups that MDs/hospitals have alw...Read More

Nurse-Led Geriatric Case Management – the GEM Nurse Role

For more about GEM, visit the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto’s Geriatric Emergency Management website. This post is modified from material provided by the Regional Geriatric Programme of...Read More

Just the Basics: Policies, Procedures & Protocols

Here is a list of potential improvements you could make in any ED to make it more senior-friendly. Start with the easy ones (on no budget) and progress from there. Where there are examples on this si...Read More

Just the Basics: Physical Environment & Equipment

Here is a checklist of basic changes and enhancements that can be done with minimal expenditure or changes. The easy ones are first; the harder, more expensive ones are later Equipment and Supplies E...Read More