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10 Tips on Implementing a Consistent Screening and Assessment Approach for Geriatric Care

Implementing consistent screening and assessment requires careful planning, resource allocation, and modification of existing work practices to achieve its intended benefits. Before you consider how ...Read More

Identifying Elder Abuse Victims – An Important Component of a Senior-Friendly ED

The ED – a Place to Identify Abuse Older adults are commonly victims of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation, with 5-10% of community-dwelling seniors experiencing elder mistreatment each yea...Read More

Quality Improvement Metrics

Here are some outcome measures you might want to consider in tracking your quality improvement activities relating to senior-friendly care. The ED should track metrics for structures, processes, and ...Read More

Quality Improvement Strategies for the Senior-Friendly ED

Implementing new ideas, protocols, and tools is great. And if every member of the team is on board 100% of the time, it is even better. But the reality is not so always so rosy:  that is why a qualit...Read More