• KEVIN WASKO posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    I am new to this community. An emergency physician in Saskatchewan, I have recently enrolled in Saskatchewan’s clinical Quality Improvement Program (cQIP) (

    My project will involve creating a senior friendly emergency department locally at my regional hospital. My project needs to be small enough scale to implement over the course of approximately 6 months. I was thinking of implementing a consistent screening tool at triage that the triage nurse can conduct of all seniors that enter the emergency department. I have seen several of them on here. I wonder if anyone has had experience integrating a tool into the Sunrise Clinical Manager. Specifically, I am interested in the interRAI EDS tool. I have the app but wonder if there is an electronic version that could be imbeded into the eHR?

    Further, I am interested to connect with others who have taken on a similar project.