“Interview” refers to the type of article. The articles below are based on interviews with people working in Geriatric Emergency Departments, or stakeholders.

A CEO’s Story

On December 6th, I met Joseph Mapa, former CEO of the Sinai Health System. He was at the head of this hospital when the Senior-Friendly Emergency Department story started. I was initially planning to...Read More

Starting Senior-Friendly Change

How did this idea of a senior-friendly emergency department get started? DON: An awareness that older patients are part of the core business of EDs – the three main groups that MDs/hospitals have alw...Read More

Nurse-Led Geriatric Case Management – the GEM Nurse Role

For more about GEM, visit the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto’s Geriatric Emergency Management website. This post is modified from material provided by the Regional Geriatric Programme of...Read More